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     This was my first time working with Barnehurst Carpet Cleaner but it won't be my last. We've hired office cleaners before, but they've either been expensive or just not that impressive. For the first time, it felt like we'd hired a truly professional company who were well worth their fee. Will be bringing them in next time the office could do with a tidy up.
Annie Thompson05/11/2015
     After months of neglect, my home was in real need of a bit of TLC. It would have taken me an age to do everything myself, so I was happy to call upon the services of Carpet Cleaning Barnehurst. The cleaning job carried out by their team of cleaners made a huge difference. Definitely recommended!
     My bathroom had gotten dirty over time and I wanted to change things. Rather than manage it alone, I hired some cleaners from Barnehurst Carpet Cleaners. I had heard good things about them and they delivered on this. They tackled everything, from wiping and washing, to disinfecting and everything else. My bathroom has never looked as good and I owe it all to them.
Mark P.31/07/2015
     We had to move in a rush and honestly we were on a very tight budget too. Our landlord required us to hire a cleaning company at our leave and we searched for the most affordable one. We found BarnehurstCarpetCleaners, booked them and expected them to offer a mediocre service. However, I must say I was very amazed when I saw how AMAZING they worked! A five star job indeed!
Abigail C.17/03/2015
     I hosted a garden party at home and booked the services of BarnehurstCarpetCleaners to clear up afterwards. The team of cleaning staff turned up on time and looked professional in their uniforms. Once I had told them what needed doing, they worked nonstop until they had finished. The cleaners took all the rubbish away with them and I was delighted with their services. Upon inspection of the garden I didn't find a single piece of rubbish anywhere. In fact, it looked better than it did to begin with. If I have any more parties, I will use their services again. Thanks!
Anna Smith05/11/2014
     Having the windows cleaned every few months is always an illuminating experience. I find that the team from BarnehurstCarpetCleaners who come down are very good at getting the job done quickly, but also very well. I have always wondered whether window cleaners were actually just getting a look in to my hues, but having used BarnehurstCarpetCleaners a few times, I am pretty certain that they are a decent, honest and hard-working bunch, looking to make a wage by cleaning windows, and doing it well!
Christopher White31/07/2014
     I always loved cleaning my home and took a great sense of pride an accomplishment in a dust, dirt and clutter free abode. However, over time, I find it more difficult to get the job done, especially as thoroughly as I'd like. I considered calling a cleaning firm but I wasn't sure they'd be able to do the job to the standard I desired. I gave in and called BarnehurstCarpetCleaners and I was pleasantly surprised. Their cleaners come to my home on a regular basis now and they do the job better than ever. My home remains orderly and spotless, all thanks to them.
Wilson Brady20/06/2014

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